i'm the one pushing

"​I’m the One Pushing," originated from my compulsive need to find information that would help me take on pregnancy and motherhood. I was ill-prepared to say the least, but I knew I wanted to kick ass at this mom thing. Yet, there were many big decisions to be made, much to learn and plenty of judgment to contend with. 

This book has every choice I faced, took or didn't take. I tried to summarize and "humorize" the facts while candidly revealing my own "behind-the-scenes." I certainly have stumbled along the way.

I wanted to share my journey with other healthy moms and moms-to-be who are in need of nurturing their own identities as well as their children’s. Renegade moms who blame their farts on their kids, pee in the pool, and rush bedtime because they can’t wait to pop open a bottle of wine. We don’t have to be the mom everyone thinks we ought to be. That doesn't mean we're bad moms or that we don't love it. We are trailblazers. We're here to challenge the way we look at motherhood. We are a revolution. 

​​​​​​​​​​​A practical and renegade guide to choosing your OWNmotherhood ADVENTURE