Ivette García Dávila is a Puerto Rican author, filmmaker, and mother of two.

Ivette has written, directed, produced, and collaborated creatively in numerous short films including ZEKE, winner of a Student Emmy and a Student Academy Award that screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2003. She also produced the ASC Heritage award winner 3AM, another successful movie that earned her a second Student Emmy, a Kodak Enhancement Grant, and a first prize at the Screamfest Film Festival.

Ivette has worked in many TV and Film productions such as “Weeds,” “West Wing,” THE HOAX, MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, FREEDOM WRITERS, JUST FRIENDS, WILD HOGS, and BABEL in development, production, and/or post-production. As a freelancer, she ended up nannying quite a bit between jobs in order to make rent. She arguably learned more from all the girls she babysat than from all the successful people she assisted. 

In 2008, Ivette moved overseas to work as a staff writer at Bigfoot Entertainment and as a screenwriting professor at the International Academy of Film and Television in Cebu, Philippines. She moved back to Los Angeles the following year and has since written and directed CAREER DAY a movie that won “Best Short Film” at the HBO New York International Latino Film Festival in 2010 amongst other awards in the circuit. E-mail Ivette and she will send you a link to her film. The short is (SPOILER ALERT!) about a boy who finds out his mom is a stripper. This movie is not autobiographical, in case you were wondering. 

Most recently, Ivette was selected to participate in the Trinidad + Tobago International Film Festival Filmmaker’s Immersion Program, where she got to develop and pitch a feature-length concept titled THE CUBAN MILLIE CRISIS to a panel of industry professionals. Her project was a finalist in the competition. She has since directed album promos, book trailers and tv pitch presentations for various artists and clients.  Her script "The Daydreamer," was recently optioned and she's attached to direct it. 

Her book: "I'm The One Pushing: A Practical and Renegade Guide to Choosing Your Own Motherhood Adventure" is available on Amazon.com. She also hosts a podcast series as an excuse to drink more wine. 

You can follow Ivette's motherhood misadventures @imtheonepushing 

i'm the one pushing

Ivette García Dávila

Photos by Kelly King - kellyking.us